Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

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Barlovento Chocolates

Kitchen: 638 2nd St., Oakland. Kiosk: 334 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, downtown Oakland.

Oakland DIY Tour

Factory Store Local Chocolatier Barlovento Chocolatesfounded in 2008 by Peter Brydon, a chocolatier who has been a mentor to a lot of other local chocolatiers. They make truffles, caramels, bars, barks, toffee, hot chocolate mix, molded chocolates, and other confections.

Barlovento has a kiosk in Frank Ogawa Plaza in downtown Oakland. You can find their bars in some shops around the area. Their kitchen is also open sometimes for direct sales. Check their website for more information.


For a truly hot truffle, get the Mayan Hot Chocolate4-cup chocolatier. (It’s the one wrapped in gold in the photo.)

Barlovento Box

A Barlovento box full of flavor explosions.

Also find Barlovento Chocolates at:

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