Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

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Basel B Inc.

Basel B single truffle

Basel B’s big, bling-y bonbons are 1-1/4″ x 1-1/4″

Local Chocolatier Basel B Inc. is a San Francisco-based chocolatier that uses only dark chocolate, 85% cacao to be exact, in their big, beautiful-as-jewelry truffles, molded chocolates, and dipped chocolates.

Basel Bazlamit, the company’s CEO and chocolatier, worked as a designer and 3D artist in movies before starting Basel B, and that background shows in the engineering feat that is these truffles. Basel used 3-D sculpting and printing to create the molds, which look like jewelry, ornaments, or really big buttons.

In addition to their very-gifty beauty, the chocolate fillings are tasty and many are unique, influenced by Basel’s upbringing in Jordan and life on 3 continents. Flavors like Pistachio & Honey, Mint Lemonade, Dried Cherry & Pecans, and Ginger & Lavender. My favorite is the Turkish Coffee, because the strong coffee works well with the very dark chocolate.

Basel B Chocolates are available online and at special events.

CBTB tip

If, like us, you find the big 85% cacao truffles too bitter, try Basel B’s smaller square truffles. The shells are thinner and better balanced with the fillings, I think. Also, any of his dipped chocolates are good too.

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