The Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

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Firefly Chocolate


Local Chocolatier

Jonas Ketterle, Firefly Chocolate

Jonas Ketterle makes Firefly Chocolate in a traditional Mexican-inspired way.

Firefly Chocolate is a Sonoma County bean-to-bar chocolate maker that also produces other chocolate and cacao-related products. While their chocolate isn’t raw, Firefly’s focus is on the health aspects of chocolate.

Jonas Ketterle, Firefly’s Founder & Chief Chocolatier, started selling 85% cacao bars in 2015, but before that he spent 3-1/2 years learning how to make chocolate in Oaxaca, Mexico, the traditional way, roasting at a low temperature.

Firefly uses organic cacao from a cooperative of 300 farmers in Belize, and sweetens their chocolate with coconut blossom sugar. Their chocolate is certified organic, soy free and vegan.

They sell bars that range from 60-100% cacao, cacao nibs, bulk chocolate, nut butters/spreads, and chocolate salve.

Firefly bars are available online and at some select locations.

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