Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

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Sacred Chocolate


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Raw, organic, vegan, stone ground super food

Founded in 2006 in Novato, Sacred Chocolate was one of the pioneer raw chocolate makers. They still make only raw (unfrosted) chocolate, which is also vegan, organic, kosher, and ethically traded. Their stone ground chocolate is made from Ecuadorian beans.

By not roasting the cacao beans and not heating the chocolate as traditional tempering processes require, Sacred Chocolate’s chocolate keeps more of the health benefits of the super food cacao than other chocolates. Sacred takes it one step further and leaves the skins on the beans to be stone ground together for additional nutritional benefits. They also do not use refined sugars for sweetening.

Sacred Chocolate has an online store where you can buy their chocolates, plus nut butters, supplements, and other items and services.

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Not sold in stores!

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