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CocoaBella Chocolates – closed

 Westfield Valley Fair Mall, 2855 Stevens Creek Blvd., Santa Clara

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UPDATE 9/29/2016: We have learned that CocoaBella Chocolates has closed.

Retail store CocoaBella Chocolates describe themselves as “curators of the world’s finest chocolates.” They carry chocolate from around the world, mostly bonbons & truffles. They usually have at least one local artisan chocolatier: currently Michael Mischer.

CocoaBella’s flagship store is in the Westfield Shopping Center, 845 Market St., San Francisco.

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2 Responses to CocoaBella Chocolates – closed

  1. chocolatte says:

    Thanks, Frank, for the heads up. It seems Cocoa Bella is no longer in business. I don’t know where you can purchase all of the different kinds of chocolates they carried, but I do know they carried Michael Mischer Chocolates, which you can buy from his store in Oakland:

  2. frank says:

    I am in Oakland and have purchased Cocoa Bella Chocolates since you opened, where can your chocolates currently be purchased?