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Chocolate 3-D printer


Launched the day after Easter by Choc Edge Limited in the UK is the world’s first 3-D chocolate printer. Instead of being limited to commercial molds or having custom molds made, you can use software to sketch your 3-D design, and the Choc Creator printer will reproduce your design in chocolate.

Choc Edge is interested in having people “co-creating” their own chocolates with whoever has one of these machines. As such, the machine doesn’t seem intended for mass production. It makes chocolates one at a time using a syringe-like apparatus that pumps a thin even stream of chocolate and creates the bonbons in layers.

From the videos on their website, it looks like a slow process.

According to Tecca, Choc Creator Version 1 is available for purchase: $4,600 plus shipping from the UK.

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