Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

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Chocolate icons

We have grouped SFBA chocolate locations by type and assigned them these icons so you can quickly see what type of place each location is.

Local Chocolatier


Local artisan chocolatier

Someone who makes quality chocolate in SFBA, often by hand using local organic ingredients.

bean to bar
Bean to bar

Someone who makes chocolate starting from the cacao beans to finished product.

Factory Store


Chocolate kitchen/factory store

Local chocolatier’s store that is part of their workplace. Possible to meet the maker(s) here.



Chocolate café

Place to eat and/or drink chocolate items. Often includes a retail space to buy chocolates.



Retail store with local artisan chocolate

Often a local grocery store that supports local chocolatiers by carrying their wares.

Farmers Market Vendor


Farmers’ market chocolate vendor

A local artisan chocolatier who sells their wares at a local farmers’ market.

Chocolate attraction


Chocolate attraction

A chocolate-related place worth checking out, such as an imported chocolates boutique.

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