Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

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XOX Truffles

XOX Truffles

A real French chocolatier and one of the oldest artisan chocolate shops in San Francisco.

754 Columbus Avenue, San Francisco

North Beach DIY Tour

Old-school French

Local Chocolatier Factory StoreXOX Truffles 4-cup chocolatier is an authentic French chocolatier, Jean-Marc Gorce, who with his wife, Casimira Tobilla, has been selling his handmade truffles in North Beach since 1997. With these hand-rolled truffles, you can see the hand of the maker. And sometimes you can also meet the maker at the shop.

So many truffles have been made here that it has its own patina: Look up and you’ll see chocolate dust on the walls.

UPDATE 3/2014: XOX opened an outpost @ SFO in Terminal 3. UPDATE 2019: This location has closed.


Buy a cup of coffee at XOX, get a free truffle.

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