Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

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Bisou Chocolate


bean to bar

Bisou Wrapper

Bisou’s wrappers aren’t just pretty. They are educational too. That’s a cacao flower in that Art Nouveau-esque design.

From 50–100% & from one ingredient to five

East Bay bean-to-bar chocolate maker, Bisou Chocolate, was started in 2012 in Berkeley. Currently they are headquartered in Oakland.

Bisou does single-origin bars from several locations in the equatorial section of the western hemisphere in cacao strengths from 50% (mixed with organic coconut) to 100% (ground nibs only). Their ingredient lists are small, and they don’t use dairy or soy products in their chocolate.

You can find their bars and other confections online, and at some retail stores and farmers markets. Check their website for locations.

CBTB tip

The organic cane sugar used in the bars gives them an unusual molasses overtone.

CBTB mentions

Diamond in the rough

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