Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

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Charlotte Truffles

Dreamy Nangka

Dreamy Nangka is flavored with jackfruit

Pretty, elegant bonbons

Santa Clara, CA

Local Chocolatier

Charlotte Truffles, established in 2017 by Charlotte Walter, is an award-winning South Bay chocolatier using mostly South Asian flavors in beautifully hand-decorated chocolate bonbons. Charlotte creates other chocolate treats too, including bars, marshmallows, and hot chocolate sticks.

Her chocolates are currently only available for delivery in the San Francisco South Bay within 10 miles of Santa Clara; at the Menlo Park Farmers Market, Sundays 9-1 pm; and a few select other locations. Check the website for details.

Rose Water Saffron

Rose Water Saffron truffle

CBTB tip

While it’s currently impossible to get Charlotte Truffles outside of the South Bay, in September 2021, ICA, an SF nonprofit venture capital fund, announced Charlotte Truffles was one of their latest recipients of seed capitol investment; so — fingers crossed — maybe this new flush of capital means an online store and/or new, more further-flung outlets for these tasty, pretty chocolates.

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