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Chocolate vs. COVID-19

Chocolate Corona Virus

Our chocolate version of the original CDC illustration of COVID-19 by Alissa Eckert and Dan Higgins

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting every aspect of our lives, including our home chocolate stash. Many chocolate makers and chocolatiers closed their shops because of state directives. Even See’s Candies suspended production for the first time since WWII. (UPDATE: See’s is back in production with online sales and some pickup only stores. Check their website for the latest.)

But not to worry, local chocolate vendors are re-opening in limited ways, and a lot of them are shipping chocolate. So while we should all stay home to flatten the curve, please continue to support your local chocolate makers and chocolatiers by ordering online.

Most of them have online stores, or at least a way to contact them from their websites to check if they are shipping/offering delivery/doing curbside pickup and to place orders. Some are offering special deals:

If you don’t see your fav SFBA chocolatier/chocolate maker on the list, I couldn’t find a special deal from them. But support them anyway, if you can.

If you don’t need any chocolate right now (ha!), buy a gift certificate. If you can’t afford anything at the moment, sign up for their emails/newsletters, so you can get alerted to special deals.

If you are not SFBA local, you can still order from many of our chocolate vendors. Or check to see what your local chocolate makers/chocolatiers are doing in these trying times and order something from them. It will help them stay in business and help you stay happy too.

Everybody stay well — and well chocolated!

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