Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

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Dandelion Chocolate @ Ferry Building

Dandelion Ferry BuildingFerry Building, SF

UPDATE: This location is temporarily closed.

Downtown San Francisco tour

Retail storebean to barCafe

Dandelion Chocolate makes bean-to-bar chocolate but they go beyond small-batch and actually custom roast each bag of beans they import to bring out its unique flavors. They opened their first café and open factory kitchen in December 2012. They also have a café in Tokyo, a store and cacao bar in Kyoto, 2 additional stores in Japan, and pop-ups in LA and Taiwan. A new factory at 16th & Harrison (opened April 2019) in SF’s Mission District  has a to-go café/retail shop, classes, tours, and a chocolate salon.

The retail shop and café inside the SF Ferry Building sells chocolate bars and gift items, and offers their hot chocolate and pastries to enjoy there or on the go.

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