Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

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David Upchurch Chocolatier

David Upchurch Chocolatier

Parisian inspiration

Local ChocolatierEstablished in 2017 by former architect David Upchurch, the eponymous David Upchurch Chocolatier, offers chocolate confections and pâte de fruit inspired by a year spent in Paris (where he tasted European chocolate for the first time) and years apprenticing with SFBA chocolatiers, Saratoga Chocolates and Recchiuti Confections.

A bean-to-bar devotee, David often uses small batch, single origin chocolate in his confections. He also sometimes includes chocolate in his pâte de fruit.

You can follow David on Instagram and find David Upchurch Chocolatier confections online, and at Chocolate Covered SF.

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