Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

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Firefly Chocolate


399 Business Park Court, Windsor

Chocolate for your body & spirit
bean to bar

Jonas Ketterle, Firefly Chocolate

Jonas Ketterle makes Firefly Chocolate in a traditional Mexican-inspired way.

Firefly Chocolate is a Sonoma County bean-to-bar chocolate maker that also produces other chocolate and cacao-related products. While their chocolate isn’t raw, Firefly’s focus is on the health aspects of chocolate.

Jonas Ketterle, Firefly’s Founder & Chief Chocolatier, started selling 85% cacao bars in 2015, but before that he spent 3-1/2 years learning how to make chocolate in Oaxaca, Mexico, the traditional way, roasting at a low temperature.

Firefly uses organic cacao from a cooperative of 300 farmers in Belize, and sweetens their chocolate with coconut blossom sugar. Their chocolate is certified organic, soy free and vegan.

They sell bars that range from 60-100% cacao, cacao nibs, bulk chocolate, nut butters/spreads, and chocolate salve.

They also offer online live courses in ceremonial chocolate, as well as ceremonial chocolate supplies.

Firefly products are available online.

CBTB tip

When they are available, buy one of their Bay Nut Bars, which is the only bar we know of that uses nuts from California Bay Laurel trees, native to Sonoma County.

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