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Poco Dolce Confections – closed

Poco Dolce

More factory than store, come here for Poco Dolce’s full line of not-too-sweet confections.

2421 3rd Street, San Francisco

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A little sweet

UPDATE: Poco Dolce closed this location in May 2019 and is relocating to the North Bay.

Local Chocolatier Factory StorePoco Dolce Confections was established in 2003 by Kathy Wiley as an Italian bakery but it quickly evolved into a chocolate company making the tiles that they are best known for: Little bites of dark chocolate in a variety of flavors and topped with sea salt.

The name translates as “Not too sweet” which describes their chocolates, which lean toward the savory side. Maybe the most unusual example of this is their Olive Oil Bunnies and Chocolate Bars. The olive oil changes the texture of the dark chocolate to a creamy/slippery feel like olive oil.

Poco Dolce is carried by many local retailers, but it’s worth visiting the barebones store in front of the factory because you can buy something from their complete line, including seasonal specials and experiments/limited editions.


It’s a factory, so the store is not always open during posted hours. Check first.

Awards & Accolades

Kathy Wiley, owner/head chocolatier of Poco Dolce Confections, was named one of Dessert Professional’s Top Ten Chocolatiers in North America 2014.

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