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Socola Chocolatier + Barista

Socola Chocolatier + Barista

The newest San Francisco chocolate café has a long history, south Asian flavored chocolates, and breakfast in a trendy part of the city.

535 Folsom St., SOMA, San Francisco

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Factory StoreLocal ChocolatierCafe Socola Chocolatier + Barista is a new-ish chocolate café in SFBA, but the business has been around for years. The café opened just in time for Valentine’s Day, 2014, but Socola was started in 2001 by sisters Wendy and Susan Lieu, when they were both still teenagers.

Socola means chocolate in Vietnamese, and Socola chocolates exhibit a unique south Asian twist (Sriracha sauce, durian, tamarind, passion fruit, Vietnamese coffee) plus Wendy and Susan’s sense of humor that you can see in their mascot (Harriet the flying alpaca), the silly names of some of their chocolates (Give it to me Guava, Burnt Baby Burnt), and their marketing.

The café is located in the rapidly developing Rincon Hill area south of Market St. The space is very attractive and cozy. There are a couple of tables and comfy chairs, and a window counter so you can watch the area’s transformation.


Start your chocolate tour here with breakfast here because they open at 7 weekdays and 9 on Saturday. They have some of the most generous hours of our local chocolatiers.

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