Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

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Sonoma Chocolatiers

Sonoma Chocolatiers

6988 McKinley St., Sebastopol

Wine Country: Sonoma County DIY tour

For dark chocolate lovers only

Local ChocolatierFactory StoreCafeStarted in 2009, Sonoma Chocolatiers offers a large range (over 140 flavors) of truffles and caramels — but only in dark chocolate. No milk chocolate, no white chocolate, and no ruby versions. They also offer hot chocolate and cocoa drinks, frozen chocolate-pops, and non-cannabis CBD chocolates.

The front of Sonoma Chocolatiers is a tea shop, where you can enjoy all of their chocolate treats, plus pastries, other baked goods, organic teas, and tea drinks.

CBTB tip

Sonoma Chocolatiers does not have a menu of their chocolates — too many flavors, and what is offered depends on what’s in season/what their suppliers can get — so take pix of the chocolates in the case so you can figure out what you bought when you try them later.

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