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Vintage Sweet Shoppe

Vintage Sweet Shoppe exterior

530 Main St, Napa

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Chocolate & wine tastings in wine country

Vintage Sweet Shoppe, located in an historic mill complex in downtown Napa, has been around in various incarnations for over 40 years. Its latest version, begun in 1995 when the current owners bought the business, is the only place that makes and sells both wine and chocolate. They are known for their chocolate covered wine bottles.

Vintage Sweet Shoppe is open 7 days a week. Reservations are required for their chocolate + wine tastings. You can also buy some of their chocolates and wine online.

CBTB tip

Stick to anything they make that combines caramel and chocolate, especially their salted caramel chocolates. Their other chocolates tend to be too sweet, and the shells too thick.

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