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What colors do you taste?


When we visited the Cacaomuseum in Amsterdam, we noticed this unusual poster on the wall, and were told it contains all the descriptors used in tasting chocolate arranged by color.

taste with color map

Apologies for my bad pic. The upper left corner hard-to-read green flavors are:
Pine, Rosemary, Basil
Thyme, Herbal
Mint, Tarragon
Grassy, Green Tea

The Taste with Colour Chocolate Tasting Flavour Map was developed by chocolate adventurist Hazel Lee in 2017 to help people appreciate the different flavors in chocolate by giving them the vocabulary to describe what they taste. Basically, when you taste a piece of chocolate, think of what colors the taste evokes, then look at that color on the Flavour Map and find the word(s) that best match what you are tasting.

The small poster (approximately 16.5″x11.5″) makes a colorful splash on a wall, but it’s probably best used laid out on a table while tasting, so you can peruse it more easily while the chocolate melts in your mouth. You can buy the poster on the Taste with Colour website for about $20, shipping to the U.S. adds another almost $8.

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