Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

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Chocolate at your fingertips


According to SF Gate, there’s now an app that means you’ll never have to miss a chocolate buying/trying opportunity again. Pam Williams, founder of Ecole Chocolat, an online professional chocolate-making school, has created the Find Chocolate! App, which does exactly what it says.

Based on your current location, the free app shows you a list (at least if you’re in a chocolate-rich location like SFBA) of nearby chocolatiers and chocolate shops. The database currently lists over 2000 chocolate destinations worldwide, with more being added as chocolate businesses submit their info to be included.

The app is definitely an early version with gaps in the content and no way to customize or interact much with it (and distances are in meters, which makes sense in that Ecole Chocolat is Canadian, but it really messes with my American sense of distance) — but it’s about chocolate! And it immediately tells me about chocolate nearby!

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Where in the world do you find good chocolate?

There’s also an interactive chocolate map of the world on William’s website: So if you’re planning a trip somewhere, you can do some research on chocolate destinations at your destination, or just check out what’s happening in other parts of the chocolate world.

This is also where you can submit your own chocolate business for inclusion on the map and in the app. I hope every chocolatier and chocolate shop gets on this and uploads their info. I would hate to overlook anybody in my quest to become a chocolate maven.

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