Complete Chocolate Lover’s Guide for the San Francisco Bay Area

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Chocolate Exhibit


UPDATE: The traveling exhibit, Chocolate, will be in Las Vegas, NV at Springs Preserve, 2/7/15-5/3/15. Then it travels to Bozeman, MT and Denver, CO.

The show covers the geography, history, manufacturing, and economics of chocolate.

Chocolate Exhibit

Get your education in chocolate this spring in Las Vegas.

While there are interactive aspects to the exhibit, no mention is made of actual chocolate consumption on the premises. Still, it sounds like an interesting show with 200 objects and replicas, videos, graphics and interactive exhibits.

The show was developed by the Field Museum in Chicago and has toured the country since 2002, including San Francisco’s California Academy of Sciences in 2005. It is available if you’d like to display it starting in September, according to their press materials.

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