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Chocolate vacations


If you’re looking for novel ways to experience global chocolate, CNN.Go has a list of 10 adventures for chocoholics in celebration of Britain’s Chocolate Week 2011.

The 1st suggestion sounds interesting: Taking chocolate from tree to bar at a chocolate plantation resort, or at least watching other people do it. Other suggestions include a chocolate tour of Tuscany, an all-you-can-eat chocolate buffet in Boston ($40), a chocolate museum, cooking classes in France, and some chocolate body treatments (sorry, can’t help but think what a waste of good chocolate).

If I’m not going to be eating the chocolate I’m touring, I’d rather see some amazing chocolate sculptures like in CNN.Go’s last chocolate tourism suggestion: China’s annual Chocolate Dream Park. In 2010, they made a 33′ replica of the Great Wall in chocolate. How are they gonna top that this year?

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