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Hot chocolate in the ’hood


Travel +Leisure has an article in their Dec. 2010 edition about the best hot chocolate in the country. Not one SFBA establishment in the group. Looks like a potential growth area for our local chocolatiers.

A C K C cups

ACKC hot chocolate: Like giant melted truffles.

We certainly enjoy more days suitable to drinking hot chocolate than eating ice cream. Maybe our chocolatiers could team up with local cafés to make special chocolate drinks.

Like one of the places mentioned in the article, ACKC (now closed), in the DC area, who sell their own handmade chocolates and flavored hot chocolate drinks. We featured them in an article about chocolate in the DC area. Their diva drinks combine different chocolates with other interesting ingredients like chipotle & cinnamon, or lavender & pistachios. Not only are the combinations tasty, they are not too sweet — real grown-up hot chocolate. And their handmade chocolates boast the same combinations, which is a nice way to carry the tastes home with you.

Here’s hoping some of our local talent steps up their hot chocolate in the coming year, so we don’t get shut out of the top ten the next time Travel + Leisure compiles this list.

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