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I do not know if this is a real product or not — and I apologize in advance to any readers this may offend — but supposedly a French inventor has created a pill that makes flatulence smell like chocolate.

According to The Huffington Post, Christian Poincheval and his friends suffered an embarrassing episode of rank flatulence in a restaurant, and that inspired him to develop pills for improving the odor of the inevitable repeat of such an event. Supposedly they work, and he also claims that they “reduce intestinal gas and bloating,” so he now sells them on the Internet.

He started out making pills that produced floral scents, but this year he was able to create a chocolate version in time for Christmas. According to the Daily Mail, the pills contain charcoal, fennel, seaweed, plant resin, blueberry and cocoa peel(?).

You can buy the pills from his website, Pilule Pet supposedly translates to “fart pill.” Voulez vous une pillule pet?

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